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    Service Catalogue in Workspaces 2016.2




      We have recently upgraded and we have encountered this issue which is proving to be a bit of a pain, we are planning to deploy the new version at the end of August and your input would be greatly appreciated.

      On 7.8, for the services we offer, we use the 'Name' field to be displayed on the catalogue as the friendly name displayed for end users and the 'Title' field as the name we use amongst the administrators.




      When have upgraded to 2016.2 the catalogue now uses the 'Title' field on the catalogue, instead of the 'Name' field. Is there a way to change this back?


      I have found a report template (shown below) under the configuration item object which shows the HTML for the old service catalogue on 7.8. But I’m not able to find the new report template which 2016.2 is using.


      Thank you.




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