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    Asset Central Upgrade Done. Now what?


      So I have followed the upgrade guide and managed to get everything installed... (I think) I have imported the xml from Asset Central content. I have workspaces working. Now we were expecting something to change.


      What am I missing. Do I need to enable something in processes designer?  I am not a Service Desk admin just other duties as assigned....  I took the online boot camp but I am more of a Management Suite admin.


      What I am looking for is a "Dummies Guide to Asset Central"... Or BKM.


      I contacted support and there response was as follows. "there is no documentation and no one has had any training on it and does not know if and or when any documentation is coming out or even being written"


      Contacted my sales rep. His response. " I don’t have any resources to assist today. We are in our Quarterly business meetings the next few days. We would likely need consulting days to properly support you."



      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          The new feature of LDAC is:

          Office 365 Support

          Asset History Visibility

          Refined Layout and Behavior

          Enhanced Theming

          New Lifecycle Architecture

          Announcing Asset Central and Asset Intelligence 2016.2


          May I know you fresh install LDAC or upgrade? What feature do you want LDAC do for your company? It needs configuration and integration with LDMS.

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            Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

            Asset Central is a new IT Asset Management product from LANDESK. Withiut the proper licenses, you will most likely not see much of it.  There is some cross-product information that's being stored in the LDSD database, or a new seperate Framework DB if you use LDMS only. For example, The Office365 Licensing support is coming from LDMS to Workspaces  for ITAM.



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              This was an upgrade and we do own the entire suite including Asset Central. I was at interchange and attended the breakout sessions on Asset central because that is an area we are very interested in. We have yearly internal audits and from what I heard in the presentation this would make things so much easier come that time of year.


              I did have another discussion with our account rep and he asked the same question. "What are we trying to accomplish?"  I believe, after looking into things further we would need to have established Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines in place with a implementation plan before even pursuing an engagement with professional services. That my rep said could take up to 30 days. $$$


              My goal would be to have a full blown Asset Lifecycle setup, from procurement to disposal. But I don't know if our department is ready for something like that. To this point most everything has been done on paper and in spreadsheets. But I'm the new guy and people don't like change.


              So that being said I will wait to see how management wants to pursue this if at all.


              Still any suggestions would be appreciated.


              Thank you

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                psythian Apprentice

                I too am looking forward to Asset Central, but some folks that I have talked to are saying that October there is scheduled to be a major update for it, that will fill in several "blanks". As I understand you can subscribe to the Beta testing section and get access to these updates for testing in a separate environment.

                LANDESK Beta Portal

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                  At interchange they said the same thing about 2016.2 release.

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                    I found a demo on youtube about LDAC:

                    LANDESK Asset Central - Lançamento em breve! - YouTube

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