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    Default Workspace

    DanJones Apprentice

      How do you set the default workspace for an analyst in 'workspaces'?

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          davidg5700 Specialist

          Last I heard from support, this cannot be done currently.  We don't use the Launchpad and it defaults to the Launchpad for our user community.  When they launch Workspace, they end up on a blank page.  Not ideal. 

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            DanJones Apprentice

            Hopefully this is something that will be added soon, the inability to set a default workspace or delete one (other than through sql) will stop us moving our users over any time soon.

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              davidg5700 Specialist

              A coworker who's proficient with HTML came up with a possible solution to have it default to the software catalog.  We minimally tested this on our development core and it appears to do the trick.


              On the core:

              1. edit the _Layout.cshtml file in C:\Program Files\LANDesk\BridgeIT\Views\Shared
              2. Just before the closing head tag </head> add the following line:


              That's it.  I'd love to hear if this works for others as well.

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                LOST Rookie

                Hi David,


                I've tried your solution and it works like a charm in my environment.


                Thanks a lot !!!