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    Query Associated to an Action (How to edit)


      Hi All,


      I am currently looking on how to change the filters for an action.


      On our incident process, we have an option that is called "Add Child Incident". This opens the below window to choose a child incident:


      add child incident.jpg


      My objective is to remove the "Lifecycle" as a filter.


      For our dashboard queries, I am able to find the location to make any necessary changes, however, for this specific query which is associated to an action, I am unable to find.


      Is anybody aware if they are located in the same place as the other queries (Query and Report designer)?


      Thanks in advance.


      Ricardo Almeida

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          Open up the object designer and find the Incident Management/Incident object.  Look at the properties and note the contents of the Default Query.  Open up the Query Designer and edit this query.  YOu may find you have more than one query with the same title.  So look at each one and find the one you need

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            Hi dmshimself.


            Many thanks. Found the query. Just having the following issue.


            I have removed the attribute that I did not require for this query, however, when trying to delete the criteria also, the remove button is not available.




            I tried removing all the attributes in 1 go but I get an error message when doing so and console crashes.


            Do I have to deactivate the process to be able to perform this action?


            Best Regards,



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              Weird.  Assuming you are logged in as an administrator, the only other thing I can think of is that this query has been locked by LANDESK so you might want to copy, edit the copy.and then make the copy the new default.

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                kevin.bye Apprentice

                I have a similar issue, however it does not seem to even allow you to copy these queries to make a new version of them.  My particular issue is that my Add Child/Parent actions are becoming unacceptably slow and locking up browsers since they are searching back through our entire incident history of 70K+ records, so I was going to exclude incidents that are in the Closed status.  I ended up just building a query from scratch that kind of works, but there seem to be some parameters that are unique to this "Default Incident Query" like having null values listed in the criteria section and a blank value in the number of records to display per page so that all results are on one page.