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    Mail not sent to the analyst and end user




      I want to send automatic email notification to the End User and to the Analyst when the ticket is assigned to the Analyst.


      I have created a Request process in Landesk Service Desk. Below is the screenshot of the process:


      There are 2 Reminder notifications (Automatic Actions), one for the End User and another for the Analyst. The Reminder Notification is:


      The email is not even shown in the Outbound Mails. But when I click on Notification from the History(Below is the screenshot), I can see Send Message Action. On clicking SEND MESSAGE action the email is shown in the Outbound Email but still not sent to the Recipient.







      My issue is that the email is not sent to either of the recipients. Can anyone help how can I achieve the email functionality automatically?

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          This is a very similar question to the other you recent raised on why emails are not being sent.  As with that one, I suggest you review the available guides that LANDESK produce on diagnosing email issues.  A good one is


          Troubleshooting when notifications / reminders aren't sending


          You should also review the Designer guide -specifically the bit in the index which talks about Process Designer about 'Sending notifications'.  Search and you will find some useful information from that index,


          Taking a quick look at what you have popped in above because I am watching a server build taking place, you do not have the Is Active Flag set and you do not say if you have the Background service running or the outbound mail service.


          Keep in mind the forum is not a substitute for support or training, so a little bit of research now will pay you and your company great dividends in the future. I know it can be frustrating when you are learning a product like this one, but if you haven't had the opportunity to go on one of the boot camps, I really do recommend them.  It's a great way to get to learn the basics.  It's often a useful opportunity to pick the brains of the trainer for those areas which are not as well documented as they could be.  Now back to my server ....