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    landesk console window position

    trbail01 Rookie

      Since upgraded to Windows 10 1607, my LANDesk Management Console disappears off my screen and I cannot restore it. I have tried Win+arrow (doesn't seem to work with this program). I have tried to cascade without any luck. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the management console without any luck. I even tried cleaning up as much as I could find before reinstalling. After reinstalling it will work until I close it and try and re-open it.


      When I launch the management console it opens up the logon screen, which lets me logon. After logging in, it briefly shows the console window, then it just disappears off the screen. Things worked fine until I upgraded to Windows 10, 1607 (Anniversary Upgrade). I did a clean install for the record, not an in-place upgrade.


      Please help if possible.