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    Anonymous Login Workspace 2016

    ancameron Rookie

      Is there a way in LD Workspace 2016 to allow anonymous logins or work without having a user login at all? We have a very high number of users and are finding that the servers are getting hit hard by logging each user in every time they log into the computer. It would be nice if it didn't have to log in every time.

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          Fabian Schmidt Expert



          since Service Desk 2016.3 there is no authentication required, if you use Token-based Authentication for your Workspace Framework and enable windows authentication in IIS for that virtual application.

          Don't forget to disable Anonymus Authentication on the same virtual application.


          There is a community article available with an how to: Integrated logon in Workspaces




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            ancameron Rookie

            Hi Fabian,


            Thank you for your reply, that is good information. I should have been more specific in my question, it is not the authentication process that we are worried about necessarily, but rather the overload of interaction between the clients and servers. We have 7,500 +  machines that will be logging into Workspace throughout the day and that is causing a lot of traffic on our servers. We were hoping for a solution that no one would have to log in to Workspace and it would still show the launchpad icons tasked for the machine. I hope this is more clear than the original post.