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    Knowledge Base search not available to End Users

    jross Apprentice

      Hi all,


      My business has a Knowledge Base currently in the process of being tested before being moved to live and we have found an interesting issue with End Users unable to search for articles using the Search Bar on the Self Service Website.

      When searching for an Article, it does not return any results.

      However I know the search is working as Analysts are able to search without any problems.


      We have two Users types in our System. End Users and Analysts.

      Recently I configured Knowledge Domains for Public and Private as a test of sorts to restrict the access of some articles to Analysts only and associated the domains to a couple of articles. Can confirm these work as I accidentally forgot to add the Public Knowledge Domain for analysts and was unable to find the article until I fixed this.


      However I have the same setup with End Users and created a Group End User to provide access. I believe the Knowledge Domain is working and have set it up as per the instructions here: ServiceDesk 2016 Knowledge Management

      I think the functionality issue is with the End User permissions to search in Self Service.


      Any ideas greatly appreciated!

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          Do the end users have this end user group as their current group?  If not, it might be worth a try setting that and trying again.  With permissions, check the event log as sometimes they pop up in there and you can spot what needs to be added.  I'd make sure the *role* end users are all in have read access to everything in the knowledge area.  You could also spin up a query that displays all knowledge articles and see if an end user can view and open those.  If so, it isn't a simple privilege issue on the articles.

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            jross Apprentice

            It's worked!


            The Role equivalent for End User is PortalEndUser and this has been given full Read Access to the Non-Process Related access in Knowledge Management.

            However it didn't start working until I gave the role full Read access to the Process-Related Object > Article.


            Don't know how I missed that, but thanks again!