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    Custom button for "Request Service" in Service Catalogue



      does anybody know how can I create the custom button for action "Request Service" on Self Service portal?

      I've created new html button in template, but now I don't know how could I bind it with the action "Request Service" to open a form for service request. Is it possible to use button in html in this case? Or it's just possible to use only action related link, but not a button?


      In case when we use action related link, I have a problem with the definition of system name of required action. I mean where I could find it in SQL tables?

      It's necessary for creating our own button/or link "Request Service", because our customer wants it to be on the left part of a screen... So, to create a link I need the system name of this action.

      I've already found out the table with all actions names [dbo].[lc_action], but I still can't find the required action...


      Or maybe anyone has a recommendations/instructions, how can I change the current button "Request Service" (change the button name, change the button size or the button position on the screen)


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          We are using the "Add to Cart" button instead of "Request Service" but assuming they come from the same place.   Appears these are stored on the web server in a style sheet and possibly a java script file.   It would appear the intent is that we not modify these things and if we do it would be overwritten the next time we upgrade or possibly apply a patch that overwrites these, thus having to change the files each time.


          I'm still waiting to find out which stylesheet controls this ; once I get an answer will post back to the following discussion. 

          Self Service Web Access - Config Item Template HTML

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            Thank you for your reply,

            your discussion give me a lot of helpful information, but I still have an open question...

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              Sorry for the delay, my account keeps getting locked out and I have to open a support ticket to get back in randomly.  


              The best I can tell it's the add to cart button that is passing the users Guid back to the request module.   Highlighted below is the code from the add to car button, which is also on the DIV line above, both in their JavaScript file and set by some style sheet we've yet been unable to find.    I've looked through copy rules, calculations, processes and can't see where the UserId is passed back to the request module except for this line.  Would recommend opening a ticket with support if not working for you as they may be able to provide further insight in to it.   We still our landesk support team looking for the style sheet that controls that div line, will post an update back to the other discussion once we have identified where/what it is.    


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                Thank you for your answer! We decided to use direct link to create request from catalogue.

                We use report template with the next code:

                <a style="text-decoration: none" href="../../ss/object/createInCart.rails?class_name=RequestManagement.Request&lifecycle_name={Lifecycle/Name}&object_template_name={Template/Guid}&attributes=_ConfigItemRequested-{Guid},RaiseUser-{$CurrentUser$}">