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    Software Distribution - Monthly Task

    soaresr Rookie

      Hello Guys,
      i ask your help for: We have per core, 5 tasks to run the same 1MB software, in different locations/plants. With below configuration, all devices are failing with the message "Cannot find agent". Well, we assume some machines are off or unreachable but all??


      Now, we are starting manually each task with success.

      The tasks is defined as: Push + Run Once + Download and execute + Schedule to Repeat every month


      The question is: Which configuration should be done to have those 5 tasks with same software running monthly successfully on every machines?

      Change from "push" to: Policy-Supported Push?
      Change from "download and execute" to "run from source"?
      Change frequency from "run once" to "Run monthly" and give up of Schedule task to repeat monthly??
      Reset package hash on the package!?


      Thanks in advance


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          jaysmith SupportEmployee

          Generally when all devices fail with Cannot Find Agent it is an issue with agent discovery.  These can be simple or complicated but it takes some investigation to discover the problem.  Here is a detailed troubleshooting guide for agent discovery:



          How to troubleshoot Agent Discovery


          You may also try a test - Set the packages to run as a Policy or Policy Supported Push, and then wait a day to see if your devices pick up the policy and run it when they execute a scheduled policysync.  By default this happens every 24 hours but it's configurable in agent settings. 

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            soaresr Rookie

            Thank you for the quick reply. Have notice strange behaviors:


            -One Task configured as policy-supported push, runs smoothly with success.



            -The task with push only which presents (cannot find agent): Ran the task and found different results:


            01/24/2017 18:04:59 INFO  24340:1   
            RollingLog : [Task: TASK1, TaskID: 515, ProcID: 24340] : Discover: Failed to discover machine: [SERVER1(ALWAYS ON)]



            01/24/2017 16:50:04 INFO  40808:84  RollingLog : [Task: TASK1, TaskID: 13152, ProcID: 40808] : FQDN: Failed trying to find the FQDN for machine DEVICE1, failure message was 'The DNS resolved hostname [DEVICE2] and known inventory hostname [DEVICE1] do not
            Make sure the inventory scanner has been run on this client.'


            I'm a little bit confused, because, push and push-policy has different behaviors. And inside push-policy task one case discovered = failed and another discovered = can't resolve, and below wireshark result for the same task showing the correct results .

            7246 1357.453081 UDP 280 9595 → 54566 Len=238

            9717 1801.033877 UDP 92 57765 → 9595 Len=50

            10682 1988.794033 UDP 258 9595 → 62309 Len=216


            i'll Keep troubleshooting.

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              soaresr Rookie

              Apart of the client issues (Discover: Failed to discover machine), Policy and Policy supported push works well.


              On the push task, the unique problem found on many devices "online" is, not responding back to the server, and means the installation fail with messagem "Cannot find agent".
              With policy-supported push, devices take time (3/4 days) but the result is that the software is installed.