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    LDMS / LDSM 8.8 Server Monitoring

    Binskin Apprentice


      Completed a basic install of 8.8 including server manager, web interface works without a problem, can gather most of the server basic information - bios / disk use etc.



      The issue i am having is that for any of the server agents i have deployed (currently testing 3) none of the real time data is working, under system summary i get a warning 'LANDesk monitoring software is not responding for the device. Real time data is not available' which is also why i get blanks when trying to access the cpu info or any live data.



      Ive had a look through the available documentation and so far can only find a fix involving updating 8.6.1 to the latest service pack, which does not apply.



      I currently push the 'Default Server Agent' through LDMS to the servers after discovering them, with all components minus the 'Remote Control Mirror Driver and LANDesk(R) Active System Console' installed.



      The device summary lists that the servers currently have Monitoring: installed.



      Would anyone have any thoughts as to where i could start looking?



      Cheers - Ben



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          Ben, the first thing you want to do is determine if you can gather any realtime data from the managed server. Do this by double clicking on a desired device in the /ldsm console, then click on the system summary tool. This should gather some basic system info, if this succeeds then we can talk to the agent. In those cases more then likely you will just need to modify your rulesets to monitor/alert on the Health Contributers(these are not pre-configured). Its easiest to configure drive space, try that out by either modifying the default ruleset or creating a new one, redeploy to the target device, then check out the storage health contributer.


          If it fails to gather realtime data on system summary then you could be looking at DNS resolution problems, management agent may not be installed correctly, monitoring may not be enabled, or some kind of conflict with say Dell Open Manage.



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            Binskin Apprentice


            Cheers Bdog,



            This is what i have so far, if i click onto the system summary, i do get some basic results (fig1)  but if i click through the health summary it comes up blank, ive had a look at the default server ruleset (fig2) which looks ok, as it has disk usage monitoring etc configured, i have also now clicked the publish ruleset action and distributed to my servers using the replace existing ruleset option. Also if i go into the rulesets option of the device it looks as though it is set correctly (fig3).



            I am missing something here? or am i looking in the wrong places?



            Thanks - Ben





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              Ben, based on Figure 1 and 2 you have configured your rulesets to at least populate a few of the contributers on the health summary page. From looking at figure 3 though, your managed device is not returning some of the basic system information that it should. Here is an example of what should be returned on the system summary.

              Im not sure what kind of troubleshooting you have done with your agent or your servers but you may try creating a new server configuration and a new ruleset and deploying it. Beyond that if you have a PMA you may want to open up a ticket with support as this could take more than a few posts back and forth to correct.



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                I'm having the same issue. Did you ever find a resolution to this?

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                  Is this problem still happening with LDSM 9.0? How was it resolved?