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    Force Inventory Scanner to capture more than 255 characters


      I have recently added a field to the computer table by editing the datamart.xml file and running coredbutil.exe. This field is used to capture data from a specific registry key that exists on all client machines (I used Manage Software List). The key can contain up to 1000 characters. Please note, I did not add this field to Custom Data. This field exists in the Computer table - NVarChar(4000). I have confirmed the field size through SQL. The field was created properly and LANDESK is populating the field nicely........


      Except for 1 thing. The inventory scanner is only picking up the first 255 characters out of the registry entry. My data is not getting truncated in the DB. I have ran a text output of the scan file on multiple machines and the client's scan engine is only capturing the first 255 characters of the registry entry.


      Question: How can I force the inventory scanner to capture ALL of the data in this registry entry - beyond 255 characters? I've checked LDAppl & LDAppl3 but don't see anything obvious. I may have missed it though. Or, more likely, I'm looking in the wrong place.


      Any and all suggestions are welcome.


      Thank you!