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    Where in the database does it store a List of Values from the "Create a list" feature in the Barcode web form?


      Sorry to anyone reading this but I am new to using Landesk 2016.   One of my first tasks is to create some Barcode Web forms in order to store Asset information when we install the asset at the location.   Things like Scanners, printers, Monitors etc..   We want to put in a list of locations as a drop down list so the Tech just has to enter in the information of the asset then select the locations from the pull down menu on the form.  I know you can go in and create a list of values to be linked to a field just as I did in the picture below.   My questions is that I don't want to recreate this list over again if I have to create another form for something else.   I would then want to just link to a table\column in the database to the the already created list of values?   I just can't seem to find where the values are for the "Create a list" is being stored.    Any help that anyone could provide would be very much appreciated.



      Thank you for any help anybody can provide.