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    Message for repair job




      I have a query regarding Landesk job for installation

         I have started a installation job (repair task) and then i see all servers are not patched at one shot, sometimes i see patch is getting installed only on one server at a time

      sometimes on multiple servers
      can someone let me know how exactly does this go.. when you start repair task,Landesk install patches on all servers at same time or will it do one by one ?
      below are few of my findings.


      I can see only one shows installing patch and the rest shows running,

      I see " running patch, but at end details shows as none"  does that mean patches are not installing or what exactly is happening   ?

      Below i see installing patch on multiple servers

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          The "Details" message section is dependant on the action the client(s) is/are taking. Not all actions will have details.


          For instance - you might have a

          MESSAGE -- DOwnloading file

          DETAILS -- File 5 out of 621 -- downloaded 21%


          type message ... or a


          Details -- NONE


          ... because the installer is doing its thing and we're waiting on the client telling it what to present on the console. So not EVERYTHING will have a DETAILS section to mention.


          If you need detailed information on what's happening on a particular client, you'll want to look at the vulscan log.


          If patches fail to install, we'll tell you at the end of the current job (1 may fail, but we may have to try 20 others to install, for instance).