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    MaptoPreferredHandler.exe failing with error 100001

    Laszlo Apprentice

      MaptoPreferredHandler.exe failing with error 100001, started this week. The MaptoPreferredHandler.log shows it is trying to use http:// for path which causes the failure. This only occurs on Win10, Win 7 works fine path used is UNC... Anyone have any ideas? Also Our Production core does not have this behavior and nobody is admitting to any changes.


      Runnning LDMS 9.6 SP2 Sustaining Patch 1223I


      2016-05-04 15:13:37(6448-6452) MaptoPreferredHandler.exe:******Mapping to: \\KOESAPPN150\LDShares

      2016-05-04 15:13:37(6448-6452) MaptoPreferredHandler.exe:Drive letter = M

      2016-05-04 15:13:37(6448-6452) MaptoPreferredHandler.exe:Mode - Require preferred server.

      2016-05-04 15:14:05(6448-6452) MaptoPreferredHandler.exe:Could not map or unmap drive. Error code: 100001

      2016-05-04 15:14:05(6448-6452) MaptoPreferredHandler.exe:End of Map Drive.  Path used: - http://ROCLDP4124.ekc1.ekc.kodak.com/LDShares/.