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    CSA - Failed to post the certificate to the CSA


      Hi all,


      I've followed the recommendations from here -

      Error: "Failed to post the certificate to the CSA"

      but none of the suggestions have worked.


      We currently have this CSA attached to the old/current 9.6 core but trying to set it up on the new 2017.1 core and it won't add.


      Here's what I've done.


      Made a backup of the .0 file in ldlogon and then edited it to add CSA information as shown below.

      Did the same for the .0 file in C:\Program Files\LANDesk\Shared Files\keys


      Time / date is ok


      Network settings are ok, unchanged



      Added new core 688944-uspldms2.ubm.net into Host Names

      Added the new core IP address into the Security -> Allowed Addresses


      Went to Configure -> Manage Cloud Services Appliances…  and entered the information as shown below and Apply

      Getting this error from the core –



      As said, I've also ran through the suggestions in the doc at the start of this, and the CSA is currently still working on the old core.


      Any more ideas?  I've been tearing my hair out!


      Cheers, Aaron