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    vista - unattend.xml image deployment




      So far I have been trying to create an image of vista using an unattend.xml file and sysprep and have landesk use my specified template which it injects into it and use that to sysprep the machine. But no matter what xml file I tell Landesk to use, or adjust the settings in the landesk vista deployment section it still runs the original unattend.xml that I had when I ran sysprep. Landesk sysprep modifications do not seem to work.


      Now, I think I may be doing it all wrong. Are there any step by step documentations for using imagex, sysprep and landesk to deploy vista?


      Here is what I have been doing, cleaned up a machine to how I prefer it. Removed applications that I didnt want etc. I copied an unattend.xml I created using WSIM on another machine to the C drive.Then when I was ready ran,


      sysprep /generalize /oobe /shutdown /unattend:c:\unattend.xml


      Then I took an image of the system using WinPE and imagex. Came out fine.


      I then did a deployment of the image, selected this image uses sysprep and tried to give landesk the details such as join to domain, product key etc. All the asked fields. However when the machine was rebuilt it didnt run any of the landesk injected commands. It had used the original unattend.xml file.


      I inspected the file on C: to see if landesk had indeed altered the file as it should and it actually had! I ran the same sysprep command above, rebooted the machine and it actually did what I thought it should have done the first time.


      So my question is, when I run the sysprep command and tell it /unattend (does it somehow lock that file in for use?) I was under the impression it ran when it was rebuilt? I even tried mounting the image, modifying the unattend.xml file and commiting the image and trying again.


      Other options I took was the tickbox for use this xml file as a template and gave it a different one. Which didn't seem to make much difference as well.


      How typically do people build a vista image using sysprep and imagex? anymore details on how and when sysprep works be great. Ive never gotten it to work with landesk properly yet.

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          Ok so I understand how sysprep works a little better. when you run sysprep with the /unattend switch it actually caches the file passed to it and puts the file into




          When sysprep starts up for the first time it checks several locations in a certain order, the first being a reg key and 2nd or 3rd is the cache'd unattend.xml in panther and lastly it checks c:\unattend.xml


          if it finds something in the Panther folder it runs that, it doesnt matter what changes you make to c:\unattend.xml if you have one sitting in the Panther directory it will always use that first. I mounted the image using


          imagex.exe /mountrw myimagefile 1 c:\mount


          and went into the image and removed the unattend.xml from the panther location and did a unmount and commit and it was all fine. Remember to commit though.


          Hope this helps anyone else struggling with the /unattend switch.