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    Games and Network PC Monitoring


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      I would like to have an inquiry. First, is it possible in Landesk to disallow users to run any computer games like flash, exe computer games and other?

      Second, also in landesk can we have a moniroting which will prompt administrator that a certain computer has disconnected to network?


      Please advise..


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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Disallowing games:


          You can block named executables through Software Monitoring or through security suite's application blocking.  Therefore if you know the exe you want to block, this will do the job you want.  However, if you want to block ANY games without first jknowing it exists, you need to look at Security Suite and the Host Intrusion Prevention component (HIPS),  This allows you to do 'whitelisting' so that only your business apps can run and anything else is blocked.  It is more complex to set up but more effective l;onger term.  See this article for a little more info http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-3226.


          Detecting if a device has dropped off the network:


          Yes, can can set up Deviuce Monitoring where is will regularly ping a device to see if it is online.  If it disconnects you can have it alert you.


          Hope this helps.


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