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    Allowing Help Desk to see Scheduled Tasks


      We are currently running LDMS 8.8 SP1.  I have recently created two provisioning templates that run scripts to capture/load a user's profile using USMT.  I now want to provide this functionality to my help desk.  Currently the help desk is only set up to use remote control and reporting within their LANDesk consoles.  From User Management, I can turn on Provisioning - Scheduling and they can then see Public Templates.  From there they can right click one of the templates and select Schedule Template.  This opens up the Scheduled Tasks window and allows them to assign devices to the task and run it.  The issue, however, is when the log off and log back in, the Scheduled Tasks window is no longer available and they have to run through the scheduling of the templates again, which in turn creates duplicate copies of the scheduled template tasks.  My goal is to create a scheduled task from the provisioning templates and just open Scheduled Tasks to the help desk for them to re-use.  Now I see where I can open the entire Software Distribution section, which includes the Scheduled Tasks link, but I do not want the help desk to be able to mess with the other things like Directory Manager and PXE Boot Menu.


      Is there any way to just open the Scheduled Tasks link to my help desk?  Thanks for your help!