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    Internet Explorer Causing HSM Page Rendering Issues

    garytimm Rookie

      Has anyone experienced any problems when using HEAT Service Management in Internet Explorer?  Often enough when opening HEAT Service Manager within Internet Explorer the page will come up with rendering issues.  What I mean is that there will be no images and spacing is condensed between fields and field names.  The first attached screen shot is what I see when I am having the rendering issue, the second screen shot is what it normally looks like when not having issues.


      I never have these problems with using Google Chrome.  (Internet Explorer is the preferred browser by the business)


      The rendering issue will happen at random times.  You may be fine for days using Internet Explorer, then for some reason you start having issues.  Nothing seems to resolve the issue except time.  Try it later in the day and it works fine.  This is happening for several different associates within different areas of the division.


      We have had this issue since Internet Explorer 8, we are currently on Internet Explorer 11 (more specifically 11.0.23).


      We are using HEAT Service Management on-premise version 2014.3.1001.10 @ 1/7/2015.


      Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.





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          Hey Tim


          we have this issue on our on-premise installation from time to time as well.

          An IISRESET resolves the problem temporary.

          An issue has been escalated to HEAT Support and several logs were sent to them.

          As for now, we don't have a solution yet.


          We plan on upgrading to the latest version somewhere in January (we are now on 2015.1.2) and we will install this on new servers (we are now still on Windows Server 2008 and we will go to Win Server 2012R2)


          I will keep you posted with the results once we've done this.


          kind regards