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    Send message - with Attachments - computed link


      I am on a customer site and they are using HEAT 9.5. They have asked me to create an auto task that will send an email with some call details and any/all attachments. I have search high and low and cannot find much information on how to do this. After reading through user/admin manuals I understand that it is possible but there really aren't any example of how this works.


      I found "Complex Call Groups and Queries" on this site and now know that the attachment information is stored in the GDetail field in the HEATGen table. This is where my knowledge ends.


      On my auto task, while editing the send message task, I click on the "Attach.." button then "Computed Link" under the Attachment section. What I want to do is parse the GDetail field and assign each attachment to a filename (i.e.: Filename 1 = Attachment 1, Filename 2 = Attachment 2, etc). I am assuming this is how it works when you click "Insert.." then "Insert Filename".


      Every attempt made does not produce an error but I will receive the message without attachments.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.