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    Editing a Service Request Parameter


      I've been asked to edit a service request that was submitted with sensitive data that I need to now remove. In case another request comes in for the same thing I want to create an option to do this more regularly rather than a quick one off quick action.


      I would like to add a quick action into the actions list which when selected prompts us as admins how we want to change the parameters.


      I've come up against two problems -

      Firstly I created a picklist that looks at all parameters in the ServiceReqParam business object and i've then added a constraint which matches the parentlink and recid - this returns nothing. however if I enter a recid manually it works?!


      Secondly a service request may have many parameters and we need to be able to select which one we want to edit and then show the corresponding text in a text field for editing i.e. notes, summary, sku, etc.


      Anyone have any ideas or other workaround?