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    KCS Methodology and Knowledge Management


      Has anyone implemented HEAT Knowledge Management using the Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) methodology?


      I know HEAT Knowledge Management right out-of-the-box supports the KSC methodology, but has anyone implemented with KCS in mind?


      Looking for customer feedback on the experience.


      Thank you.


      Wendi Wolfgram

      Director, Customer Marketing


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          chooi Apprentice

          Hey Wendi, I asked the same question on 4 June but there were no responses. Maybe you will have more luck from the community ;-). I'm familiar with KCS and have seen how well it can work using spreadsheets but have not yet implemented it on HEAT. I just joined an organisation that have already started using the HEAT Knowledge module but they are using the traditional model where ownership of knowledge articles are generally with the SME and articles are very structured. My plan is to assess the value the current knowledge process and form some metrics to measure improvements with KCS. Ideally it would be nice to be able to convince management to send staff for KCS training to help drive the cultural shift towards using KCS on HEAT.

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            a.mossop@qut.edu.au Apprentice

            We have recently implemented the HEAT Knowledge module and have needed to make a number of small and large configuration adjustments\enhancements to make it more compatible with the principles\practices of KCS.  I'm happy to give you a demo what we've done.

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              Pramit@Fusion5 Rookie

              Hi Wendi


              My assessment of HEAT 2016 is that it currently does not fully support KCS (this would be a nice edition).While HEAT 2016 does have a fully integrated Knowledge Management Module which interfaces into Self Service and Analyst views alike I have requirements from my customer base that shows they are looking for features like "adaptive" and intelligent presentation of knowledge data well before system asks them to log an incident.





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                alayasanta Rookie

                Hi Ashton,

                Would you happen to have your process documented where I could see it?  If so, could you please email me your process when you get a chance.



                Hyle Roberts

                [email protected]

                210 301-6391

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                  chooi Apprentice

                  Hi Ashton, I'm also really interested to learn about your KCS enhancements on HEAT. I'm in Australia, so we have a time difference for demo option. Any documents that you can share would be great.


                  E: [email protected]

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                    cfrandse Rookie


                    I work for a County Health Services Information Systems department.  My organization is in the process of implementing HEAT.  We would like to also implement KCS, but none of us has been trained in KCS (although I have taken an online introductory course in KCS because I will be our HEAT Knowledge Manager and found that it is much more involved than we originally thought!)


                    We have been using a simplified version of KCS (without knowing it) where a How-to document is created for every application and procedure our organization uses.  For the time being, we will be continuing doing our knowledge management like this.

                    Each 'How-to' document is located on our Team SharePoint site (soon to be moved to HEAT) and includes basic data such as:

                    Which departments are using this application

                    Whether the application use LAN credentials or credentials that are specific to this application

                    Which department supports this application (and contact information)

                    Who to contact for creating new accounts for this application

                    Instructions for installing the software

                    Instructions for trouble-shooting common issues with this software


                    Every technician is responsible for updating our documentation as changes occur.


                    I would like to fully implement KCS, but I know that would entail having several (if not all) of our techs trained in KCS and, being a county organization, we aren't exactly swimming in extra cash.

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                      dagnewikow Rookie

                      Hi Ashton,

                      I would also be interested in seeing a demo of what you have implemented as we are about to implement the Knowledge module with the desire to match KCS as much as possible.  My email is [email protected]

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                        Rwicks Rookie

                        Hi Ashton:

                        I am interested in information regarding your KCS process and HEAT enhancements as well.  If you would, please forward information to [email protected].



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                          Hi Ashton,


                          Thank you so much for your gracious offer of a demo, I would love to take you up on that offer to see what you have done.