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    Persisting a column width view


      Greetings all - 

      When selecting a repository to assign a Knowledge  article (see EXAMPLE below),  it seems as when I change the width of the column, any subsequent times I repeat selecting a repository, the column wide reverts back to the default.   Can this be user defined or does the administrator control this for users? 



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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          There are 2 elements to this questions, the first is that user changes to a grid/list view are saved in the database so each users column layout and width can be altered, a new user would pick up the administrators initial configuration.  This does not apply to modal windows like the one you are looking at this will not save user settings, so an admin would bee to change to list column width.


          The list you are looking at can be altered it is on an object called "Knowledge Repositories" if you login to the AdminUI then find the object you can open the list view and change the column width.


          All the user customisation are saved in a table called UserOptions, if you have a premise system you can set the changes being saved there.