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    Organisational Units

    Gazz Apprentice

      How do I force a group people to remain in an organisational unit. I have created a new OU for the IT department which sits above the general OU and moved each of the team into the new OU. However each day, I'm assuming after the AD sync, they have all reverted back to the original OU.

      I'm not quite sure where and how this all connects up. Any advice welcome.

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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          The out of the box AD integration sets everyone to the default OU.  You have a couple of options, if your IT users sit in a different AD OU a second LDAP import can be configured to import Them to your IT OU in HEAT.


          The other options, use a field in AD to determine the OU, use a search and link rule after import to look at the users department for example and then move the a different OU. 


          Thats a few off off the top of my head.

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            Donna Apprentice

            We let AD update the branch rather than the OU.  That way the users stay where they are put on creation.  We did add some qualifying fields as well so that we know where they are from etc.


            Remap the LDAP update to another field basically