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    Employee Department and Manager forms in Service Requests


      Hi guys,


      I have another question of which I can not seem to find an answer on here.

      I'm trying to create a service request in which I'd like to automatically fill in some forms. Which would be the User Department, and the User's Manager.

      The only thing is, this is not information that would be a part of the person requesting.


      Information :

      ETR name form ID = EndFullName (which would be a DisplayName)

      ETR is being checked on Pick List, Validation List; Employee, DisplayName.

      Pick List = 00_AR_EmployeeDept, based on Employee (Department, RecId, Department Code)

      Tried with Pick list 00_AR_EmployeeDept = Objects ; Employee Department DepartmentName (Department Name) and Employee DisplayName (Display Name)

      Tried with Value  = EndFullName.selected.Employee.LoginID.Department

      Tried with Expression = $(if RecId "EndFullName" != ..... (lost the rest of it due to trying too many things).


      Example :

      I'm trying to create a Employee Termination Request. The request would be filled in by HR or a Manager. So the Name of the terminated employee will be entered manually. The information I would like to be entered automatically (above) should be pulled from the user that is entered manually. Not the one requesting it.


      So far, I've found some thing on a ManagerLink (Discussion 4395). But this does not seem to work.


      As we would love to automate more and more, it seems that the answer might be out of my understanding of heat at this moment.

      My question here would be, would anyone have any idea how to pull the Manager (DisplayName) and Department (DepartmentName) from a user that is manually entered?