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    Problems scanning for a screen saver




      As part of a rebranding exercise we are pushing out a corporate screen saver. This is not being pushed by Landesk, but we do want to be able to report on PCs that do not yet have it.


      I have modified LdAppl3.Template to include .scr in the ScanExtensions line and have made this available to clients. I have also created a custom file definition in the to be scanned section of SLM, and made this available to clients too. Finally, I have the screen saver in my system32 directory and have done a full inventory scan, but the file does not seem to be picked up.


      If I create a query and select computer-software-package-file name, I can see other screen savers, so I THINK the scanning is (or has) worked, but not the one file I am actually looking for.


      I am using LDMS 8.8 with SP2A


      Any ideas please?


      Thanks in advance