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    Re-Branding the Software Deployment Portal in 8.8



      We would like to use the LANDesk Software Deployment Portal for all users to install standard non-licensed software such as Adobe Reader and Flash etc.


      However, the 'Powers That Be' have decided we must re-brand the actual page that pops up when running the SDP with our own logo (whether it is in addition or instead of the LD logo they are not bothered).


      Rather than running an SD task or a custom definition to replace the local file that the SDP uses for the LANDesk logo with our own, is there a 'proper' way to do this?  Preferably on the server so that as all clients are updated in the future they still retain our logo in the SDP.



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          Maybe possible. There is file called
          core\ldmain\ldlogon\policyweb\policy.portal.template.htm. It has the location of the gif:


          <div id="wrapper">
              <div id="header">
                  <div id="landeskBranding">
                      <img src="policyweb/landesk.gif" width="131" height="80" />
                  <div id="portalCaption">
                      <span class="header2">%PORTAL_TITLE%</span>



          However, if you point this to a network resource, what happens when users can't access that resource (it is down, laptops out of bands, etc...) Since I'm not really sure what this template does, it would be better to create a custom autofix vulnerability for landesk.gif to update the logo with your custom logo.


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            Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

            It turns out rebranding is not easily done in 8.8. You should be able to replace the LANDesk Logo in the LDLOGON share before building your Agent Config, but that's it.


            I opened an ER with Support to have more customization available, like branding or changed text. If you want to add to this to ER, please do, and contact support:

            'CR 22918 -- ER: have the ability to customize the LANDesk Software Deployment Portal adding a company logo and changing the text'