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    shutting down idle systems


      Hi All,

      I am working on LANDesk Management Suite 8.7 sp5.

      I want to shutdown all the desktop systems in night time which were in idle state. How I will perform this task through LANDesk Management Suite.

      I am not getting any option to do this task apart from scripting. I have windows and MAC box in my network. Do I have to create a script for this or any other option to do this task through LANDesk?

      Can anyone have script on this same?

      Kindly treat this urgent.

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          This isn't really something the version you have was designed for.  For your windows systems you could consider the use of a GPO to set the windows power management settings so that machines go into standby or hibernate.  If you go to v8.8 you will have the option to use the new power management plug-in that will allow you to do what you want but only on the windows machines.


          For the windows machines, if you use our Power State product it would give you a picture of which systems are on an not actively in use.


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            Thanks for your reply. Yes I can do this task through Group Policy.

            But how I can put MAC boxes into standby or hibernate mode.