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    Deploy Image Setup


      I'm new to Provisioning however, I've been studying it for a little bit now. I've decided that I'd like to use the method of Deploying an Image to a device then install software afterwards. The trouble I'm having is envisioning the structure of provisioning/templates. We have several makes of laptops and desktops in my environment. From my understanding, I have a template that will deploy an image to a device, inject sysprep, and add drivers for that particular model, then install software. Now the base image that is being deployed in this template was created using a GX520. I want to put this image on a Dell 755, 745, GX280 and a GX270. Will I need to create a template for each one of these that will copy the drivers for that particular model to the device after the image has deployed? Also, is it best practice to copy the drivers in the system configuration portion of the template?


      I appreciate any advice you guys can offer. Thank you.


      -- Paul