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    How to discover desktop shortcuts?


      Any one have a really quick/easy/simple way of discovering what desktop shortcuts have been installed?


      In readlity, a two parter:


      1)  Known shortcuts, i.e., we know the names?


      2)  Unknown shortcuts, i.e., produce a list of all the .lnk files?


      Yes, an AutoIT script for #1, "if exist" ... or for #2, a simple list of all the .lnk, but to create a query in LANDesk would be nice ...

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          zman Master

          It can be done, however, that would be a lot of data to collect in LANDesk - unmodeled data.  Are you looking for a particular desktop shortcut to delete update, or some other reason? The trick would be how to efficiently represent the data. My desktop has 52 shortcuts, plus what is in all users.

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            I sure don't want to go into unmodeled data for this--no database modifications.


            Might have to delete, might have to modify, might need solely for reporting purposes.


            I couldn't see the quick/easy way to do it, thus the question.


            Probably just do the data collection, et.al, using a scripted app to push using SWD, but thought I'd ask if someone had done it before using anything wihin LD.

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              zman Master

              Well if it is going to be reported via LANDesk it will have to go into unmodeled  data.  I believe it can't be done natively within LANDesk, and will have to be scripted.


              dir  "%USERPROFILE%"\desktop\*.lnk /s /b


              This will give a full path of all desktop shortcuts under the user profile (less the all users profile).


              Much more elegant if you don't want to script http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/shman.html