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    Analyse incidents by Create Date




      I have been looking to create a Personal Welcome page running a range of queries so I can monitor analyst performance and call volumes. I have created a simple query that identifies all incidents raised this month and wish to present this as a bar chart on the welcome page, each bar indicating the total calls received each day for the current month.


      There appears to be a problem as the create date attribute is a date/time field. Grouping on this attribute does not recognise any matching records as every create date attribute has a different date & time.


      Eg.  There are 250 incidents raised in the first 16 days of this month as recognised by the query.  The bar chart presents 250 seperate columns not 16.


      The Service Desk say this cannot be done at present, but does anyone know of a workaround?


      If not, what other ways have you found to interactively monitor incoming call volume, peaks, troughs and trends?


      Many Thanks