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    Gateway IP address change


      We are in the process of doing a Data Center relocation.


      Our Gateway Appliance will be moving.  The external IP address will stay the same, but the internal IP address will need to change for 3 weeks and then go back to the original IP address.


      Is this going to mess up the Brokers on the clients?  Do I need to change anything at all or will external clients still continue to check in normally?


      I would rather not have to change these settings on every client, especially since some of them aren't on our internal network very often and therefore Brokerconfig doesn't work for them.

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          The clients always only use the external connection, even if they happen to be on the internal network.  Usually on the internal network they go directly to the core anyway, but if that was to fail for some weird reason it would attempt to hit the external IP address.


          The internal connection is exclusively for the Core server to establish connections to the Gateway.  There is no need to change anything on the clients for an internal IP change.