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    Lotus Notes 8.5 distribution


      I'm trying to create a silent installation of Lotus Notes 8.5 for application portal. All that I want to be able to do is eliminate the prompt that ask where to install, the lisence agreement, and whether its a single or mulit user install when doing the silent install.


      I figured there are many ways I can have Landesk push a silent install of the .msi package either using the .mst transform file or command line. Because I'm extremely new to software distribution and app installation, I would think typing in a command line would be the easiest for now.


      I've gathered some commands from the IBM site and it says use this for a silent multiuser install:


      setup /v"SETMULTIUSER=1/qb"


      This is where I need help. When I executed the .exe file of lotus notes, I went into the temp directory where it placed its install file. Within the folder are:



      In creating a distribution package within Landesk, I used the lotus notes 8.5.msi as main and data1.cab as the secondary file needed. Under the Install/Uninstall options there is a box for commands, so I typed in the comman from the IBM site given for the silent install. Am I taking the rights steps?


      Again I'm extremely new. I don't know if I'm choosing the correct files, going the right direction in creating this package, or if I'm lacking another application to modify or customize the installation. Any sort of guidance or direction in getting this silent install package ready for the application portal from anyone would be most greatful.