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    Remote Control fails to all systems after upgrade to 2017.1

    ecoidan Specialist

      Upgraded from 2016.3 to 2017.1 and can no longer Remote Control direct or CSA to any system using legacy or HTML.  If I deploy a 2017 Agent then Remote Control works without issue.  That means I have to deploy 3000+ agents ASAP. Issue there is if you have any legacy agents due to Win2003 or XP, then RC will never function again.   This is the first upgrade I have done since 8.0 that you could not Remote Control to the agents of a previous version.  Other features seem to have no issues thou.  Ideas or thoughts anyone?


      - All Remote Controls attempts are from the Core server itself, I have tried remote console but have same issue.

      - verified certs are in the Keys folder on Core and that the matching .0 file is on the client system

      - rebuilt the 2 com+ objects

      - rebooted CSA and Core multiple times

      - received Update 1 for 2017 from support and applied, no change.

      - RC Settings:  "Integrated Security" and "No Permission not needed, Full Access"


      Tad bit stressed since my Service Desk folks cant remote to any users for the moment.



      HTML RC Error direct or CSA:


      Legacy Remote Control Error via CSA

      Legacy Remote Control Error via Direct: