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    New WIN PE Image?

    sthon Apprentice



      are there any Plans for a new and Updated Win PE Image?

      As we are deploying more and more Windows 10 Devices, it would be nice to have a current PE Image.

      If there are no plans for the immediate future, is there some kind of documentation on how to create your own PE that images the systems?

      We are also getting some Surface Pro devices and as far as I can see, they only do UEFI, which is not possible with the current PE image.

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          sthon Apprentice

          I just found the old Absolute Guide regarding Disk Imaging. I'll see if I can use this to create a new Win 10 PE Image.

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            sthon Apprentice



            I created a new WinPE10 Iso, really fast and easy how to here.

            Then I extracted the DiskImaging Tools from out PXE Server and copied them into the Image (Boot.WIM), Manual from LanRev / Absolute Manage "Windows Disk Imaging", Page 19

            Then I added all the necessary drivers for our systems. Manual like this should do the trick.


            As I wasn't sure about the x64 or x86 of the DI Tools, I copied them both into the system32 and the syswow64 folder of the image. Having corrected the paths in the individual batch files for the syswow64 variant, I tried my luck.


            Well... The image boots, my network cards gets an IP, but the "Diskclone.exe" reports dutifully: "The subsystem needed to support the image type is not present.".


            I guess that has something to do with the tools not being x64 compatible. Has anybody had anymore luck with this?



            I tried the exact same steps, but with the WinPE10 x86 folder of the ADK and it worked somewhat better. No more error message and the cloning starts.

            BUT: The disc doesn't boot in UEFI, it boots in legacy mode. But i guess thats ok, as the clients have legacy as fallback. Just read up on it: 32Bit Windows does not support UEFI Boot.


            So I am in the process of imaging an Windows 10 System in UEFI Mode, and I'll try setting it up with my new disc... but I am not very enthusiastic at this point.


            But my main concern still stays.. I cannot image pure 64-Bit systems with UEFI (like the Surface Pro 4) as the Diskclone.exe does not work in 64 Bit Systems.


            Is there a new 64Bit Version available of those tools?

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              SThon1 Rookie

              So, it's been a year and no official reply. That issue is getting more important for me:


              We are getting a bunch of new Laptops. Kaby Lake with only TPM2.0 Chips. Those TPMs only run when Windows is in UEFI mode with Secure Boot enabled.

              I cannot do that currently with LANrev (reasons stated above). So my fallback to legacy won't work with the new Laptops. It's either disabling the TPM completely (don't want to do that...) or to look for another deployment system.


              Whats the status on 64Bit Disk Imaging tools from Ivanti?

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                SThon1 Rookie

                I now switched the Imaging System from LANrev to a self-made System based on Windows PE 10 with DISM commands to clone and restore images from a USB Stick.