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    Preformance of logging incidents via screen pops / URLs in HEAT

    WMorey1 Rookie

      We are using HEAT Service Management 2016.2.1


      Our issue is that we have an application that creates incidents for agents/users using an URL automatically with predefined values, so basically the incident is poped onto the agents screen by this 3rd party application and the agent then works the incident.

      The problem is that creating an incident via a URL is slow, I mean it takes a minimum of 15 - 20 seconds for the page to load with the new Incident, most of the time longer than that.

      Since this is a time sensitive task we need to bring this down to 5 seconds or less.


      I think one of the performance hits is the fact that a new tab is loaded in the web browser for every URL that we pop, so basically we are reloading the site in a new tab with every URL pop, so there is a lot of stuff loaded unnecessarily.


      Does anyone know how we can pop a new Incident within its own workspace within the HEAT SM application's tab that is already open? IE if I already have a tab open for HEAT, I don't want the URL to open a new tab for HEAT and create the incident, but rather create a new incident in the current tab that is open, but just in a new workspace within HEAT?


      Hope I'm getting my message through clearly,