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    Data Filtering a dropdown list

    blwallace Specialist

      My incident window has a dropdown to allow the user to select an analyst, AssignedUser.  Currently, my dropdown shows all users as this attribute is System->User.  I would like the window dropdown to show only analysts.  I created a filter, AnalystsOnly to only show analysts and the filter works as expected.  In window manager, I selected the properties of this dropdown, and in Configurable Properties->Query/Filter, I selected the AnalystsOnly filter I created.  When I run a test, the dropdown still shows all users, not filtered analysts. 


      I've read in the Designer guide Data filtering and tried to create a filter on the AssignedUser attribute.  On the attribute, there is Filter Selectors which lets you create a filter rule.  I created the rule to use the same AnalystsOnly filter.  Still my dropdown shows all users.


      What am I missing?





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          andreas.lindner Expert



          you need to set the filter in your Object Designer, not in the Window Manager. Filters in Window Manager will only work for the console, as far as I know.


          There you can select or create your filter for your reference list. Only select the "Filter Selectors", not the other one if present.

          That should do the trick



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            brian.bakewell Rookie

            Is it possible to change which filter is used depending on the Roles or groups of the person logged in or the window that is being used?


            Just wondering as we would like to restrict some Analysts to only Assign calls to people in a couple of groups and not to anyone.

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              andreas.lindner Expert



              basically yes. Filters can be conditional to a certain degree (user type will work for example, so that a filter is only active if type is EndUser or Analyst).

              But maybe another function will come in handy:

              If you use the Add/Remove Users to add a new user to a group, you'll get the small window where you can define if the user receives group messages, can modify appointments, etc. There is a checkbox called "Assign only within group". If active and if I'm not mistaken, for I've never used that before, user can only assign to the groups where the checkbox is set.




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                brian.bakewell Rookie

                I did think about that but I need them to be able to assign to either of the 2 groups they are in or back to the Service Desk which they aren't a member of so that wouldn't work.


                I just need to set the filter to check the current user logged in and not information that is set on the incident.

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                  andreas.lindner Expert

                  Ah, OK.

                  I believe the following filter will work:

                  2017-09-13 17_03_33-Query and Report Designer - Test - Ivanti Console.png

                  If there are problems with the CreationUser, you can also use a technique, that can be found in the following article: How to hide categories and its subcategories for End users?

                  Add a new relation to the user object, set a new copy rule and set the value on initialize to put the current user into the new reference. Then use the same Filter as above except not the CreationUser but instead the new reference.


                  I think this will work! Don't forget to try on a testing environment first!