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    Reapplying policies in SP3


      According to the SP3 readme, "We now allow user to Reapply Policy - Added a checkbox in the Scheduled Task Properties page to tell this task to always allow a reapply."


      I've found the checkbox, but can't really figure out how it was meant to work.


      "Optional - As Desired" policies can be reapplied as often as the user wishes, so how is this different?


      Anyone care to explain?

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          zman Master

          I'm wondering if this is for "once" policies.

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            A "make this policy required then change it to optional so user can reinstall as desired" would be nice.

            However, I can't get it to work that way.

            Neither does it seem to do anything useful with push packages.


            Nah, I can't figure this one out...

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              Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

              If you push a package using a Policy delivery method with the Frequency set to Required - Run once, if you chose to run the task again and run against all machiines, not just those that failed, it wouldn't really require the software to be install again.  The software actually would not install again.  We detected the policy was already applied and did nothing.


              You could create a new task or new distribution package and/or hack around it.  Now you can just start the same task again. Same task, same distribution package...