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    iOS 11 and MDM (Error enrolling:Invalid username or email address)

    carlos Expert

      EPM 2017 (

      I was able to enroll Android devices but can get iOS to work. I'm pretty sure that i have followed all related steps and setup.

      The only thing I can think of is the iOS11, is this not supported/working?

      When trying to enroll I get this:

      Error enrolling

      Invalid username or email address


      Any help is appreciated.

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          carlos Expert

          From another thread https://community.ivanti.com/docs/DOC-39855?et=watches.email.document_comment#comment-28215 :

          Hello, we updated to 2017.3 but still had the same problem, the problem was mine, when entering the username and password into the app, I was entering domain/username (note "/" ) but it NEEDS TO BE "\" the problem is that the iOS keyboard doesn't show that character by default (I erroneously thought that I could use / since I couldn't find it anywhere..... slap)

          For those who doesn't use iOS, to get the \ hold the / for a second, the 2 options will popup, select \ .

          I can't beleive that took me so long and cost me a couple of headaches.......

          from mwoods:

          "Carlos, that’s an annoying aspect which is why instead of domain\username I use the [email protected] format. I don’t even include the domain\username in my instructions to users.

          I‘be also gotten more used to the [email protected] format as when using the agent it will resolve the server url if you have the DNS txt record setup. That saves time and potential user error during enrollment.

          If if you are using DEP then either works really since you don’t have to put in the server URL but it’s just less of a hassle using the @domain.com format.