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    End to End one-click re-provisioning of existing PC


      Is there a prescribed method to rebuild a PC in place with OSP? E.g. Win 7 PC to upgrade to Win 10 with a clean image build without ever visiting the desk.


      We have OSP working pretty nicely and would like to basically drag an existing Landesk client to a provisioning template which will:

      1. reboot the PC into OSP. We use PXE to drop the image normally but obviously we'd need to change the boot order or otherwise instruct the PC to boot into PXE (or delete the C drive somehow, then reboot, forcing PXE boot)
      2. delete the old device name from Landesk DB (prob via web service via powershell)
      3. call the provisioning template that performs the typical build
      4. how to insert a PC name. Can we scrape the old name and use it as a template variable or better off letting PE/OSP auto-assign and just rename it later from Windows?





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          Aaron_Day SupportEmployee



          1. What you're describing here is vBoot. It will download the .Wim files while the device is still in the host OS then boot to it:



          2. When the device is re-provisioned, the old inventory instance will be removed/merged with the new (keeping the new name assigned to it). You could use a script, but it wouldn't be necessary due to this feature.

          3. Since you're using vBoot, you wouldn't need to call a different template, but you could still. You're able to call templates within templates using action types.

          Launch Template.jpg

          4. The best way to name a PC would be to use the Device Naming Templates. Please see About Device Naming Templates





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            Very cool Aaron! Thanks for explaining what vBoot did. It wasn't clear to me what exactly it's role was but I figure there must be a way to redeploy in place.


            I'm familiar with templates and includes etc but I think it's clear now I don't need to do much with my existing templates except add in the vboot step.