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    Multiple files Multiple Reboot


      I shall do my best to explain what it is that I am trying to do.  I have two files that need to run unattended or with as little user interaction as possible.  The first file is a batch file that adds a registry entry and calls an executable on a UNC share with the appropriate switches.  The second file is an executable that needs to be run after the first one.  The first complication that I have is that the batch file when deployed as a "Distribution Package" runs under the system account on the local machine which doesn't have access to the UNC cannot have access to the UNC path.  The second complication that I have is that after the first file is run, the machine needs to reboot before running the second file.  Any recommendations or suggestions?  We have close to 400 machines to deploy this software to and would like to avoid having to manually run these installs on every single machine.

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          Let's break this down to the different issues:


          To get around the UNC permisisons issue, you can use HTTP or a "Preferred Server", for more on this see





          For the rebooting, etc, see:



          And this: http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-4648


          And this: http://www.droppedpackets.org/software-distribution/installation-chains/






          These articles should cover all of what you need.



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            Thanks for the heads up about getting around the UNC share problem.  I actually found a directory on our PXE reps that lets me use the system account that is built in.  Using that however I still haven't gotten around the install-reboot-install-final reboot problem.  I am going to try the method from Dropped Packets as I think it may be the easiest given my familiarity with Provisioning.  Thank you again for the point in the right direction.

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              Tried using the method from Dropped Packets and I now receive an error stating that "No network provider accepted the given network path."  I am going to try changing the user for the Scheduler settings on the console and rebooting the server to see if any difference is made.


              In the log file for the task, I get the following to messages.  Do they indicate that the method outlined by Dropped Packets will not work and I need to use provisioning?


              client version LDMS7_or_earlier does not support dependancy options

              client version LDMS8 does not support dependancy options

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                that error's on your client? Is there a typo in your preferred server definition?

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                  Would invalid credentials also procure the same error message you think?  They changed the password on the account and neglected to tell me.

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                    seems likely -- does it work now?

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                      I'm not sure.  I updated the preferred server credentials, however someone removed my scheduled task and distribution packages and I have no backup.  I am back to the starting point with nothing but a goal and an idea.  What I seem to not be able to do is have the second executable run after the machine restarts from the first executable without having to log in to the machine.  I am thinking of scrapping my current attempt in favor of writing an If-Then bat file that I install as a service to autorun when the computer starts up.

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                        That was indeed the problem with the preferred servers.  I can get the files to install and run.  The way that I did this is completely wrong and shouldn't be used.  If I could, I would like to post the batch files in the hopes that someone can halpe me refine this process or turn it into a proper method.  Currently, only one batch file needs to run and be pushed.  That batch file copies the files needed to a folder local to the machine.  Those files install services, delete services, run the executables, restart the machine and then clean up the installed services and the directory that contains the copied files.  It is a most convulted method that I want to change and refine.  I just don't know how to.  Provisioning should be the best method, but I cannot figure out what to do with it.  I'll come back to it tomorrow. Thank you for the help.  I couldn't have what I do if it wasn't for your suggestions and help.