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    possibility of simultaneously using primary and secondary email to update incidents,tasks and service request records at the same time creating new incidents

    Pandor Apprentice

      Hi All,


      I would

      I know of the possibility of linking more than one email address to a single employee;thus allowing for secondary email. Allowing both addresses to and update records  but only when having dedicated email listeners; thus one for incident,another for service requests.


      I would like to know if there is a  possibility of concurrently using both the primary and secondary email addresses for incident,service request and task to ;update existing incidents,tasks and service requests as well as create new incident records.


      I have configured the email listener as such; for updating the existing records.

      In addition to that i have tried using Method 2(for custom Business Object) to be able to allow creation of incident records from incoming mails looking at both fields;the primary and secondary emails

      linking the records to the employee regardless from which address;the primary or secondary the mail came from.

      With the above configuration(Method 2) and specifying the email processor to Incident under the record creation part,it works perfectly fine but just limited to incident.

      Has anyone perhaps tried what I'm trying to achieve here before.