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    HII Driver Provisioning Conundrum

    edchap13 Rookie

      Hello all,


      We are using Ivanti Management Console to provision images to our brand new Dell 7480s. They were mistakenly shipped to us with win7 instead of win10.


      Unfortunately our WinPE image does not have the network driver for these new models and once booted in PXE will not get an IP address.


      No worries! This article shows me exactly what to do.


      Issue: IP Address Cannot Be Acquired by WinPE for Some DELL Models During Provisioning


      However I have found that the new model 7480 is not listed in my available models under HII Driver Management because I have never ran an inventory scan on these machines.


      How to assign all drivers for a specific model in the HII Driver Management tool.


      "5. In the Assign window, select the Make, Model, OS and Architecture from the drop-down lists for the computer that drivers will be assigned.

      Note: If the Make or Model is not available to select then this model has not had an inventory scan run on it with the LANDESK Agent installed and this will need to be done before drivers can be assigned. If the Device Manager looking pane on the left side is blank after selecting the Make, Model and OS then this model has never had this OS installed and an inventory scan run on it which will need to be done before drivers can be assigned."



      Well... These machines were mistakenly shipped to us with Win7 instead of Win10. I need to install Win10 with our image here to even install the Landesk Agent and run an inventory scan.

      But I can't do that because I can't add the driver to my WinPE image.


      See the circle of failure here?


      Has anyone come across this issue before or have a workaround?

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          jascanio Apprentice

          Your model doesn't need to show up in HII for you to update the WinPE image with the latest driver per that document. You just need to download the appropriate driver inf and use the WINPE Driver injection utility to import it into the WIM. You can follow this document here: How to add drivers to WinPE for Ivanti EPM OS Provisioning


          Alternatively, we don't use that process because installing the drivers every single time you boot WinPE takes FAR to long and is a really silly idea. So we manually inject the appropriate WinPE Drivers. There is another document you can use here for that: How To: Use DISM to Manually Inject Drivers into the Boot.wim


          As for assigning HII Drivers for that model, we run into this all the time. Our process is to just do a manual installation of what ever appropriate OS / Architecture we are using and throw an agent on it so we can scan it. The Channel and Build of Windows doesn't matter so long as its on Windows 10 or 7 or 8.1 and on the correct architecture. We use Enterprise here so we just keep a copy of the original setup ISO laying around throw it on a flash drive and boot to it. In the event Windows 10 doesn't get a network connection we'll grab the appropriate Driver CAB from Dell's website and use it to install the drivers so we can get the agent installed and an inventory run.


          You can even save yourself some time by building out an MDT Share and just letting it do the heavy lifting. Here is a pretty concise article on how to do that Deploy a Windows 10 image using MDT (Windows 10) | Microsoft Docs


          Ivanti Endpoint Manager is a great product... It really is... but it falls embarrassingly short when it comes to Operating System Deployment and Driver Management. In this one area I really wish they would have just copied verbatim SCCM or even MDT....