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    Access a Workspace Incident Record over Search View?

    rhaa Apprentice

      We implemented the Search Bar on our Dashboards to search over multiple objects.

      If I search for "Printer" I'll get all CIs, all Service Requests and all Incident referred to "Printer".

      This works fine. But there ist one Problem we couldnt solve. It was not possible to use Layouts as Search View, for Example for Incidents. We could just set the Main Incident Form as Search View for Incident.

      This way, you cannot see all Informations, for example Activity log or other Tabs implemented in the Incident Layout.

      To solve this Problem, I implemented a Button in the Incident form. This Buttons opens the Incident in Workspace.

      If I click this button on the Incident Main form while I'm in Incident Workshpace, it works fine. HEAT opens a new tab inside the application with the same Incident in Workspace.

      If I click the button in Search View, nothing happens. It's the same URL in Background. However, I cannot open on Object in Workspace over the search view.


      Any ideas how to solve this Problem?