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    Stuck after trying to fix OrgUnitLink field in Employee

    SDepas Apprentice



      I'm getting stuck after unchecking "hide in UI" option of field "orgUnitLink" to be able to add this field in a new Employee form.

      I followed this article for this: Why can't I see the OrgUnitLink field in the Toolbox when adding fields to my form or list?


      Since I checked and uncheck this option in object Contract I get problems both in admin and in servicedesk UI

      When going to an employee record:

      Unhandled exception: Error: Invalid link field definition: No relationship is associated with the link related object specifier link:OrgUnitLink of Employee#.


      In AdminUI, If I go to Employee object I notice there is nothing ("not set") filled in under the 3 "Type Binding" dropdowns. If I try to select something the object form seems to bug and I can only get out with a refresh of the browser page.

      Did somebody encouter this issue and how did they manage to get unstuck ?

      Also: the link field that I was able to use in my form for my original problem is looking different than the usual link field, the little arrow is missing... ?


      Version HEAT SM 2016.2.1 private cloud environment


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