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    Set a field as required before status is changed to resolved

    RyanW Apprentice

      I do not yet have Service Requests up and running... That's a task for next year.  For now, I've shoe-horned service requests into Incidents.


      When my team is going to deploy a new computer, they are required to record details such as the computer name, model, etc.  I've created a Child Panel for this information that is visible when subcategory is set to "new deployment".  I can easily set these fields to required in the form.  But, upon new ticket creation (and before the laptop is imaged) they would then have to fill out bogus info in order to save the ticket.  Therefore, I want to be able to make the fields required before they resolve the ticket not before they can save the ticket.  The problem here is that the ticket is set to "Resolved" first and then the field becomes required.  By this time, they've moved onto the next ticket and the information is never filled out.  I tried using a triggered action, when the status is changed from Active to Resolved... but, I couldn't find a way to make the field required.


      Does anyone know how to make a field required before it can be set as resolved?



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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          If the fields are required when the Status is set to Resolved the system should not allow the ticket to be saved until all fields are populated (though that may not hold true if these fields are in another related BO).  That aside, one good method I've seen is to make a quick action button that prompts for all that information along with setting the status to resolved.  This would allow you to mark the Prompt as required.  The underlying field wouldn't necessarily need to be required.