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    winpe usb type c network boot

    Nilay Rookie

      we have Precision 5520 unable to boot from network through Type - C adapter

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          Kenyon Expert

          We have a 5510 with a USB C adapter and just adding the correct network driver to WinPE worked for us.

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            MikeForg Apprentice

            Hi Nilay,


            I just discovered a curious thing with the Precision 5520 series.


            First, you have to activate the support for USB-C adaptors in the BIOS in the Thunderbolt section.


            This gives you TWO devices under the Legacy Boot options.


            And guess what - if you choose USB NIC, PXE won't start and you get an error message saying that your device could not be initialized.


            But if you choose the 2nd option - USB storage - then PXE will work.