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    Open Discussion - Best way to Notify Analyst in ServiceDesk

    Pitmac1 Apprentice

      Hey ServiceDesk Pals,


      What have you found in your environment that has worked best for you when updating Users and Analyst when an incident has been created?


      In our environment, one of the ways we accomplish this is by creating another Email Address field in the profile:

      Within the second  address filed, we ask our analysts for their phone numbers and carriers to create an email to text notification. For Example: ##########@tmomail.net if they had a Tmobile Carrier.. From my founding I don't believe this is the most ideal approach there is not a day that goes by when a user says that they are not getting their text notifications. even though ServiceDesk shows that in the Outbound Query it shows as successfully.


      There has to be a better way, I did notice that there is a ServiceDesk or Ivanit Workspaces app. If I enabled this would the app allow push notifications for these users? Has anyone tried?


      Just looking for advise. Thanks in advance!

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          Hi Pitmac1


          Unfortunately the mobile Workspaces app doesn't include support for push notifications.  You can certainly make an enhancement request here though.  As far as the current method you are using, I don't see any glaring problems with it.  It may be a creative workaround on your part, but unless another customer out there has a better configuration in-use, I think you're doing okay.



          Pete Vel

          Product Support Engineer

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            Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

            Hi Pitmac1


            A product we have developed at MarXtar called Enterprise Notifier may be of interest to you. 


            It fully integrates with any toolset that can fire an EXE or web service call to our product and you can pass data and images via discrete parameters from ITSM toolsets, for example Ivanti Service Desk or Service Manager, to targeted enterprise notifier static and dynamic users/device groups using fully customisable message templates.  The current release is uni-directional and allows raising of immediate or scheduled messaging to users ( it knows where/when they are logged in) and covers such use cases as company-wide alerts, ITSM cases such as Major Incident, Sev1 Incidents etc and even targeted messages to individuals for example on Incident creation or Resolution.  We will shortly be releasing full bi-directional integration capability where a message can be designed with one or more customisable buttons that pass designable responses back to either the raising application or a follow-on target system (daisy-chain integration). ITSM use cases we are testing this against right now against this beta release include Change Request eCAB group notifications/authorisation, Service Request Manager authorisations etc.  The next development phase for 1h next year is mobile support for the push notifications so we will then have full bi-directional integration in the mobile space (iOS an Android) as well; we are looking to have this ready in time for Interchange 2018.


            If you or anyone else reading this thread are interested in what we are doing in this space or even want to challenge us with some potential use cases then please make contact with us via our US or UK MarXtar operations or drop me a PM and i’ll pass on.



            MarXtar Ltd

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