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    How to undo a change on the administration console

    DrizztLU Apprentice



      Is it possible to undo a HEAT Transaction Detail?


      Some context:

      I have a heavy package waiting to get published, and I made a modification like adding a Link field to a form.

      The link field appeared as a text field and after few tries, I was thinking saving it, would resolve the issue upon reopening.

      Out of luck apparently, I cannot open the form anymore, I get the following error :

           Unhandled exception: Error: Invalid link field definition: No relationship is associated with the link related object specifier link: OrgUnitLink of Employee#.


      Thing is, I can publish it to production and exclude the faulty HEAT Transaction Detail then "Copy to Replace" the development database with the production one.

      But I would like to do something about it before I have to publish it.


      That's not urgent as the form I'm editing is not in use but I'm sick of adding new fields in the "single-celled" default Employee form


      Thanks for your help



      EDIT: For my link field issue there's this answered question, but my undo question is still open

      Re: Stuck after trying to fix OrgUnitLink field in Employee

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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          Depending on ISM version you can add and remove transactions/details from projects and packages.  I would make a note of the transaction detail Id in case you need to add back in after testing.  It is tricky on some transactions as they link quite closely together especially if altering forms as it saves a new form definition even if it is just a field being added.  I recommend testing in UAT before it goes anywhere near production especially if the transaction is in the middle of a bigger set of changes.  It does of course depend on the nature of the change...you are slightly unlucky with that particular error as it is a pain to fix if you cannot open the form.


          If you have an older version of ISM pre 2016.x then you can still more transaction details from projects, if this is the case and I will write up the instructions on how to do it.

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            DrizztLU Apprentice

            That's what I did so far (I'm 2017.1 on Prem). I understand what you mean, This specific change is targeted to the form after multiple other changes so it's "self-contained", I wouldn't try it on a set of changes on business rules.


            My point is that my changes are not all in place for this specific form, so I'll have to publish this intermediate version to the UAT, put the UAT tenant back to DEV, and do the rest of the required changes in a second package a publish again.

            If I could undo the change on the DEV tenant I could keep using that form and keep it all in one package (That would be cool, as we do have the XML definition comparison on the HEAT Transaction Details).

            EDIT: Applying the fix in my first message fixed the form so I could delete the faulty field and add it back (And magic, I got my Link Field)


            So you're telling me it's not possible? That would be great as a HEAT Transaction Detail holds information about the new and the old XML definition

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              AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

              Once a transaction is applied to a tenant it cannot be undone.  Another transaction in your package could reverse the change e.g. a field is deleted by mistake and then can be re-added.  As a rule I do not particularly like being able to drop bits of transactions from a set as there is always a chance of putting something out of sink.  I would recommend making a second package to update the first. 


              Quite a lot of my work is 2-6 packages for an update as during testing additions are made etc.  I like those additions in minor update packages and then apply just one at a time to production it doesn't take much longer doing it this way, the alternative is to replace all the changes to a single package but then it should be retested in UAT prior to production deployment.


              You are unlucky really that the issue you have found is a pain to fix more than anything else, once you get to the point a form is unavailable to edit it is very very hard to get back to a position to edit it without lots of messing around.

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                DrizztLU Apprentice

                Absolutely, That's the right way to proceed, I was hoping for some shortcuts

                Thanks a lot for your help!